August 17th, 2017, fire destroyed the inside of my home. My granddaughters and I were put up in a hotel by my insurance company. Then one day in October, my agent mentioned the possibility of putting a trailer on my property so that my girls and I could at least be at home if not in our home while repairs were being made.

Along came Jim and Trish Flagg and the adventure began.
Now by backyard is not that big and there was not that much room for play, BUT, because of the expertise of this wonderful crew that huge trailer was backed and forthed until finally it was in. I couldn’t watch it but my neighbors said they had never seen anything like it. It was awesome to watch that crew maneuver and place it in position.

The trailer was spacious, clean, and equipped with everything we needed. New stairs with special railings were added to accomodate me ( I have a walking disability)
Jim and Trish welcomed us to our new temporary home with open arms, they treated us like family Trish would call every so often, usually once a week, to make sure we were okay.

Not sure what his name is but one of the crew saw that I was a little nervous around the stove because it was propane, so I asked him to explain how to use it correctly. He did. I was fine after that.

The girls and I lived very comfortably for the next 6 plus months.

We are finally back in our home, but I will always be grateful to the owners and crew of Emergency Temporary Housing for their kindness and the gracious way they dealt with my situation.

Thank you one and all