We lost our home early in December of last year. I was really cough off guard with the pouring out of the goodness in people. Especially with things being as they are now a days .
Then when it came to finding a place to live for my Wife,Son, Grandson, two dogs and myself. Things went south real quick. Nobody wanted to know nothing. They just said find a suitable rent and we’ll take care of it. Not as easy done as said, especially with my own personal health situation. Not giving up after dead end after dead end it started to look as if we would indeed being forced into the Hotel long term. Well I heard about renting a trailer and putting it on our property. Again dead end after dead end. Finally learning about Emergency Temporary Housing, I reached out to them and they took over from there. As I said they took over and saw that everything wa done. The home was delivered a couple of weeks earlier than first thought.on Thursday a couple of weeks ago, under anything but ideal conditions. We moved in after the necessary approvals by the town on Friday and returned to the active transplant list on Monday.
Let’s just say I felt as if U was their personal goal. When you want some one to have your back it’s always better to have a family behind you. That is exacttly what I had.
The Flagg Family!