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Peace of mind

When you have a fire your whole world turns upside down and peace of mind is not even a thought. After getting in touch with Jim Flagg we slowly started to feel everything was gonna be ok. He and his crew came in took care of everything and made us feel like we were part of their family. We have never met a more compassionate caring group of people that cared and supported us during the entire process. We spent 6 months in a warm comfortable housing trailer with our grand children and large dog, never having any issues but we know if we did they would be there in a flash to help. Thank you Jim and crew for taking care of our family and giving us peace of mind when we thought there was none. Heidi & Brian

Heidi briere -Pucillo
April 1, 2024

No where to turn

We lost our home early in December of last year. I was really cough off guard with the pouring out of the goodness in people. Especially with things being as they are now a days .
Then when it came to finding a place to live for my Wife,Son, Grandson, two dogs and myself. Things went south real quick. Nobody wanted to know nothing. They just said find a suitable rent and we’ll take care of it. Not as easy done as said, especially with my own personal health situation. Not giving up after dead end after dead end it started to look as if we would indeed being forced into the Hotel long term. Well I heard about renting a trailer and putting it on our property. Again dead end after dead end. Finally learning about Emergency Temporary Housing, I reached out to them and they took over from there. As I said they took over and saw that everything wa done. The home was delivered a couple of weeks earlier than first thought.on Thursday a couple of weeks ago, under anything but ideal conditions. We moved in after the necessary approvals by the town on Friday and returned to the active transplant list on Monday.
Let’s just say I felt as if U was their personal goal. When you want some one to have your back it’s always better to have a family behind you. That is exacttly what I had.
The Flagg Family!

Wayland E. Hall ll
November 9, 2022


We cannot say how impressed we were with this family owned business…most phenomenal people we experienced with a crisis…The response time was awesome…There was a back up for 4 weeks and we got our temporary home exactly the time they said it would arrive..Such a great family owned business…Awesome Awesome Awesome people.

Denise & Dave Fortuna
November 9, 2022

Outstanding service and Quality trailer

We cannot say enough about the service that Emergency Temporary Housing and the Flagg family provided to us. The trailer, a 3-bedroom unit, was brand new. It was well-furnished, conveniently laid out, and extremely functional. It was very comfortable and roomy, with great appliances and amenities. It worked out beautifully for the five months that we could not live in our house while it was being renovated after a major flood. We were initially concerned about moving into a trailer but it truly felt like a home. The furniture was comfortable and the appliances were excellent quality. The service that the Flagg’s provided was exceptional. They made the entire process seamless, even under a stressful situation. From set-up to removal, everything went smoothly. Both Jim and his wife are available whenever needed and they responded immediately to any questions we had. We are so grateful for their support and service. We highly recommend Emergency Temporary Housing to anyone in need of temporary housing.

– Rob and Julie

Robert Jacobson
October 9, 2019

Couldn’t be happier!

Jim and Tricia and all the guys provided such an impeccable, friendly and helpful service. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them and we couldn’t speak more highly.


Rona Easton
April 16, 2019

Manchester, NH

August 17th, 2017, fire destroyed the inside of my home. My granddaughters and I were put up in a hotel by my insurance company. Then one day in October, my agent mentioned the possibility of putting a trailer on my property so that my girls and I could at least be at home if not in our home while repairs were being made.

Along came Jim and Trish Flagg and the adventure began.
Now by backyard is not that big and there was not that much room for play, BUT, because of the expertise of this wonderful crew that huge trailer was backed and forthed until finally it was in. I couldn’t watch it but my neighbors said they had never seen anything like it. It was awesome to watch that crew maneuver and place it in position.

The trailer was spacious, clean, and equipped with everything we needed. New stairs with special railings were added to accomodate me ( I have a walking disability)
Jim and Trish welcomed us to our new temporary home with open arms, they treated us like family Trish would call every so often, usually once a week, to make sure we were okay.

Not sure what his name is but one of the crew saw that I was a little nervous around the stove because it was propane, so I asked him to explain how to use it correctly. He did. I was fine after that.

The girls and I lived very comfortably for the next 6 plus months.

We are finally back in our home, but I will always be grateful to the owners and crew of Emergency Temporary Housing for their kindness and the gracious way they dealt with my situation.

Thank you one and all

Viola Dussault
June 8, 2018

Casco, Maine

The appreciation I feel right now for ETH to be helping us out, all the way up here in Casco, Maine, is nothing short of a blessing. Our house burnt up last Tuesday, and the ONLY reason they weren’t here faster, was because of the Oversize Load Laws around the Holidays. Now, I can put my family back on our land and rebuild, all while staying in the mobile home. Our driveway is uphill and has 2 sharp bends. I am in awe, of how they got it up there. They are professionals from the start. Now, we can start over again. Thank you Jim, Mike and the entire crew for caring for us, like you do your own. I’m litteraly at a loss for words. But definitely thankful for your services!

Aaron Bradeen
July 12, 2017

Seekonk, MA

Our experience with Emergency Temporary Housing was wonderful. With one phone call we had a promise of immediate housing, setup and assistance. They arrived in person the very day we called and literally walked us through every step of the way. The best part was they kept their word, every assurance was truth. Our mobile home arrived on the day it was promised and was spotlessly clean. They arranged everything professionally, personally, and efficiently. This is a company you can count on!

Kim Mayo
May 15, 2017

Thank you times a million!

Where do we start? My wife and I had incurred terrible water damage at our first home last year and we encountered so many unique experiences; working with insurance companies, city officials, insurance adjusters, and other vendors. With absolutely no word of a lie Jim and Trish provided the best experience throughout our entire journey hands down! We can’t thank them enough and we really want them to know how good they are. I would recommend them to anybody and everybody. It’s very tough nowadays to come across people who actually care for your individual situation and The Flaggs’ treated this case as if it were their own emergency. Thank you times a million!

Sheila Rose
September 30, 2016

Thank You

Dave & I would like the “Thank You” for all you services for our temporary housing during our fire rebuild. Your company was 100% professional with all of our “service calls”. It was a blessing to be able to be on site in such comfortable, clean accommodations. We will miss our “plywood penthouse”, but it was good to see it go! Appreciated.

Donna Warfield & David Valley
September 29, 2016

They Were Great

After a devastating fire, we lost everything…

Emergency Temporary Housing and their amazing crew got us set up with a nice warm place to stay while we started to re-build our lives and home. We stayed safe and warm and comfortable in their mobile home for 8 months.

I would recommend this company in a heartbeat to anyone in need of temp housing. They were great.

Mike & Ruth Beakey
August 16, 2016

We thank you very much!

Once we made contact with you, it was very quick and the trailer was here! From parking the trailer to setting up the utilities all aspects of the job were efficient and professional. It was a beautiful, clean and had everything necessary to house us temporarily while home was rebuilt.

There were a couple of minor mechanical issues that came up during the 13+ months we were in the trailer and it was comforting to know that no matter how minor or what day & time your service professionals came right out and fixed it.

We were fortunate enough to be able to be at our home and on site during its reconstruction and I thank Jim & Trish Flagg of Emergency Temporary Housing for making it possible!

David Valley & Donna Warfield
May 2, 2016

Thank you SO much

Thank you SO much for helping us in your time of need.

You are the only people/company that we had absolutely no issues with over the last year.

The Hortons + The Jubens
April 28, 2016

Made us feel like family

When my wife and I lost our home from an awful fire, we were beyond devastated and didn’t know where to turn or what to do. The next thing we know, God sent us Jim Flagg and his team, the most wonderful and compassionate men my wife and I count have dreamed of having for help in our time of need.

Jim Flagg’s first works were, “don’t worry about anything, we have everything under control! We will put everything back together for you.” And he did just that!

Jim and all his team made us feel like we were family and not just another client. Even today, Jim says to us, “I just want to make sure you both are okay.” And its been two years since the fire.

It has been an awesome experience to be blessed by ETH and there isn’t a day that goes by without our prayers for these men.

Shaun & Paulette Noble
February 13, 2016

Heard nothing but great things

Heard nothing but great things about this company and team!

MaryKate E McCarthy
January 24, 2016

Went above and beyond the call

After I was displaced by a home fire, the team at ETH moved quickly to provide me with temporary housing for the duration of the rebuild. They went above and beyond the call by customizing the interior of the trailer to accommodate my wheelchair and special sleeping needs, and also built a custom ramp so I could easily enter and exit the trailer. From delivery through installation, working with the plumber and electrician, customization and eventual removal, ETH made sure I came first.

Edith C.
November 15, 2015

High Quality Service

Jim and the whole Flagg family at ETH deliver a high quality service. My family lost our home to a fire and decided to have a temporary trailer on our property. ETH was able to place the trailer in a challenging location. It is clear to me they are a tight team that works well with each other. They have been quick to answer any question and communicate well throughout the process making it easier to focus on other pressing needs. Thank you ETH.

Dave Fortin
September 21, 2015